Pediment Publishing, a book publisher serving the newspaper industry for nearly 25 years, remains operational. Printing plants and fulfillment warehouses have been deemed “essential” to ensure we can continue to serve newspapers.

We've had conversations with many newspaper partners in the past few weeks and we've learned a lot. Here are two key takeaways:

  • There’s an intense appetite for COVID-19 coverage. Newspapers are reporting website visits are up 60% on average (and in some categories as high as 1,000%). 
  • E-commerce is growing in many segments due to people working from home and retail shops being closed. On our book store, sales are up 20% week over week and up 107% March 2020 vs. March 2019.

Our newspaper partners have been reaching out to us to schedule book projects into Q3 and Q4 to help offset potential advertising losses with consumer revenue generated through books. 

Many of our books are also great opportunities to feature advertisers as well.

Leading book ideas include sports books to fill the void for fans left adrift by cancelled seasons and books recounting the impact of COVID-19 on the community a newspaper serves. COVID-19 ideas in development include:

  • Heroes of COVID-19: healthcare workers, local business leaders, government officials, journalists, etc.
  • Repurposed newspaper coverage of the crisis: simplest idea as it would take stories/photos that already ran and repurpose them into a book
  • A city/region tackles the crisis, day-by-day: more of a photo-centric approach with stories here and there, again mostly repurposed newspaper content
  • User-generated content, or “how we’re handling quarantine”: might be best as a chapter in any of the aforementioned book concepts — we can help collect the content by asking users to upload to our landing page

COVID-19 books can be used to donate a portion of proceeds back to the community and showcase advertisers that helped the community through the crisis.

Whatever the type of book, we are committed to asking very little of newsrooms over the next 2-3 months. The immediate rush is to launch pre-sale promotion (we provide all creatives), then develop content later in the year once the rush of COVID-19 coverage passes.

To help newspapers through this difficult time, we are happy to waive all consulting fees to discuss book ideas to generate consumer revenue. Additionally, all book projects where content can be provided digitally will be placed on our no-risk publishing plan. This upside-only approach helps newspapers launch book projects and start collecting consumer revenue while ensuring there is no financial risk and no out-of-pocket expense.

Reach out to our president, Chris Fenison, at 360-281-0711 or for more information.

COVID-19 crisis calls for creative solutions for newspapers

No financial risk.

No consulting fees.

Reach out today and let's discuss how books can convert your captivated audience into consumer revenue.

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Serving 1000+ newspaper clients for 23 years

Pediment Publishing helped us achieve great success with our book, and they made the entire process turnkey. We more than doubled our initial projections for sales. We are very happy with the project!

-Chris Blaser, Vice President, Audience & Circulation at the Las Vegas Review-Journal

I knew this book would be absolutely stellar. But to see my staff oooooooh and aaaaahhhhh over it, is like the parent watching their child open the best Christmas gift they ever got. Well done!

-Jeffrey Weigand, Revenue Director at the Rome Sentinel